In February, I sent in a subscription form to Marvel Comics to start receiving two of their comics. I got my first issue yesterday, a mere three months after sending in the form and two months after they charged my credit card for the year-long subscriptions.

It’s been a reasonably poor last few days at work. I worked five-plus hours on Saturday and then came in Sunday evening at 11:30 PM PDT after finding out that our Internet access T-1 was down. That wasn’t all that was down, though, as I found out when I got there. All of our digital telecommunications lines were down and PacBell refused to send anyone until the next day at 7 AM PDT. However, they didn’t tell me that until 2 AM PDT. So, I went back home, grabbed three hours of sleep and trudged back into work, only to have PacBell show up at 4:41 PM PDT on Monday. The problem, it turned out, was that someone down the street was kind enough to cut some cables under the street with a backhoe. Anyway, I got home around 6:10 PM PDT on Monday and found that PacBell’s router on the end of my DSL connection was also down. Grrrr… “PacBell: boldly striding forward into the late eighteenth century.”

Last night and tonight I’ve worked late into the evening trying to get Micro$oft’s Cluster Server to behave in the presence of Sybase’s database server. Of course, the mere fact that Micro$oft produces a cluster server seems to be an indication on their part that their operating system does fail often enough to warrant a fail-over option. Beyond that, PG&E (the evil utility of Erin Brockovich fame is going to turn off the power this Saturday at 8 AM PDT and turn it back on at 5 PM PDT. So, that means that I have to go into the office for at least one of those time to either turn things off and/or turn things on.

On the plus side, I finally got my hands one of those new golden dollar coins. Not really that cool, but a significant improvement over the Susan B. Anthony.