Went to see a Giants-Mets game at PacBell park the other day. The park itself is brand spankin’ new and much nicer than Candlestick (though I’ve only been at Candlestick for a 49ers game). However, I hate to break it to San Franciscans who believe that PacBell Park is the best park in the majors, but Camden Yards is nicer.

Berkeley…If there’s a more screwed up city in America, I haven’t been to it yet. The traffic in that city is amazing! For a city that prides itself on public and alternative transportation, I can’t see how they let traffic get as bad as it did.

My bank uses Micro$oft’s Internet Information Server for its online account access. Of course, they’ve chosen the most insecure web server they could. My guess is that they chose it because the banker’s mentality of, “It comes from a large monopoly, it must be good.” took over in place of common sense. again.