Interesting day at work today. About 10:00 AM PDT we heard three loud bangs outside of our building. After the third bang, all of our computer equipment went onto battery power. The power lines across the street from our building had gone up in a shower of sparks and had blown themselves apart in the process. There were segments of the power lines in the street and other parts of the lines hanging from the power poles. It turned out that an “aluminized mylar” balloon shorted two of the high voltage lines. Those two lines arced and apparently blew out the third line, as well. So, between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM PDT we waited for PG&Eto run new lines. Of course, the power infrastructure that feeds our building isn’t exactly state of the art. I noticed that are still several glass insulators on the power pole. Of course, given PG&E’s general ‘big corporate-ness’ it doesn’t surprise me that they only do upgrades when they’re forced to do so.