Last night we saw Erin Brockovich at the Grand Lake Theatre in Oakland. The Grand Lake is a great place to see a movie, much better than the modern generic multiplex. For instance, before the show last night, there was an organist playing a Wurlitzer organ before the show started. When the appointed time for the show began, the organ slowly was slowly lowered info the floor in front of the movie screen, the curtain went up, and the show began. Very cool. The lobby of this theatre has also been preserved in a semblance of its original 1926 appearance. The staircase up to the second floor theatre is broad and elegant. There are chandeliers everywhere. The snacks are affordable. The tickets are cheaper. And, the theatres have all the Dolby Digital surround sound and cup holders of a modern cineplex. It’s definitely one of the best places I know of to see a film.