Yesterday, I picked up a copy of Let’s Go Californiain the bookstore. Recently, it struck us that it might be interesting to read what people had to say about the place that we lived. That is, what are the tourists that visit the Bay Area being told? I chose to peruseLet’s Go, because that particular series is our reference when we travel. So, one good way to verify that the information you’re getting from a travel guide is worth what you’re paying for the information, is to check it’s coverage of your local area. The Let’s Go guide to California was okay. Nothing sterling, really. There was at least one glaring factual error, however. The guide stated that street parking is readily available in the South of Market district of San Francisco. I can verify through first hand experience that street parking in SoMa is actually more valuable than some of the stock options that people collect who work in that district. In fact, lack of parking is one of the main reasons that I bike to work in that district every day. Another section of the guide was cleverly titled “Bears will eat you.” No, really?!? I’m pretty sure that anyone who needs a paragraph reminding them not to pet wild bears probably shouldn’t be out alone in the woods in a position to pet wild bears. Otherwise, I have to believe that natural selection may be an important point of reference for those people.

One dish that Californians absolutely cannot figure out how to cook is buffalo wings. We’ve tried the buffalo wings at nearly every place we’ve eaten that offers them, and nearly every place has their own, quite distasteful, interpretation of the same.