We went to see the movie High Fidelity over the weekend. It was a pretty good show actually. It has a number of stars in it, including Bruce Springsteen (playing himself in a reasonably funny way).

Today we went to see the Jepson Prairie Reserve, which is north of San Francisco about one and one half hour. Sarah wanted to head up there because of that reserve’s status as one of the last relatively untouched vernal pools on the western rim of the Central Valley. I didn’t get as much out of it as she probably did, but I still had a good time getting out of the city for a while.

Saturday night we went to the Alameda High School production of “Sweet Charity”. As with most plays these days, the actors were miked, and badly. However, the play itself was entertaining and the production,especially for a high school play, was very well done.

Sarah’s been going nuts in the back yard this past week. She’s weeded our sidewalk and patio, planted her largest lemon tree into a pot,and gotten her seeds from the store for this year’s garden. I’m afraid I’ll be pressed into service as an earth mover (with shovel) in the near term if I don’t keep a low profile. Of course, historically, that hasn’t really helped to avoid detection.