Last night I started wading through my e-mail that accumulated while we were in Italy. Only 564 messages managed to find their way into my e-mailbox while we were gone.

Some tidbits from our Italy travel:

  • The Italian phone system is a joke.
  • Most Italians don’t seem to eat breakfast, at least compared to Americans. Most Italian breakfasts consist of an espresso shot and a croissant-like pastry named a cornetto. These are consumed while standing at the counter of local caffe.
  • The mens room toilets at the Vatican are basically a porcelain trench in the floor.
  • Even though Tuscany is known for its bruschetta, we only found really good bruschetta in two places there.
  • Pollution in Rome makes almost any place in the U. S. look pristine.
  • Italian coffee is light years ahead of American coffee.
  • First-class on Eurostar trains is the only way to travel.