We’re back from our trip to Italy. We got back to the Bay Area sometime around 4:00 PM PST, yesterday. British Airways was the carrier of record on this trip. The flight from Rome to London Healthrow wasn’t too bad. However, the flight from London to San Francisco was interminable. We spent just over ten hours in the air,half-an-hour sitting on the tarmac at SFO, and 40 minutes sitting at the gate at LHR. That’s enough commercial flying for me for a while.

Unsurprisingly, the United States Post Office managed to screw up our mail delivery. Two weeks before we left, I called them and asked how to suspend our mail delivery while we were gone. They told me that I could give them the information over the phone, so I did. I asked them if this would stop Sarah’s mail from being delivered, as well. They said that it would. Great, no problem, I thought. As usual, I was wrong. Before we left, it seemed like my mail just stopped coming to house for about a week before we left. Sarah’s mail kept coming though, so I thought I just wasn’t getting any mail, as unusual as that would be. So, imagine my lack of shock when I got back from vacation and there was a giant pile of mail just inside our front door, under the mail delivery slot. The current hypothesis is that the USPS managed to get the dates of suspended delivery wrong, never stopped Sarah’s mail like they said they would, and after talking with one of our neighbors, may have stopped his mail inadvertently, as well.