Ugh. I’m all high-tech’ed out for the night. I spent most of the evening upgrading my main PC at home. Of course, nothing is ever easy.

I upgraded the OS from FreeBSD 3.2-RELEASE to 3.4-RELEASE. This was somewhat problematic because the system wouldn’t boot off a floppy disk, no matter what the BIOS was told. So, I had to learn the lower level mechanics of the boot process, on the job, as it were, before I could get the system upgraded. At the same time, I changed the firewall software from the somewhat limited ipfw (an experiment that I’m glad I performed,even though changing back was a pain) back to the much nicer ipfilter. The problem with that was that I was working to create a reasonably complicated ruleset. A couple of elementary mistakes prolonged that process a bit, though. Finally, I ripped out on NIC, moved a second NIC, and installed a third. All that so that I can support 100BaseT at some point. Anyway, it was a long, drawn out process that I’ve been putting off for a while.