CalTrans has been exercising the orange cones recently; getting them ready for the summer road construction season. Last night, coming back from SF about 11:30 PM PST, we passed at least two miles of orange cones on the Bay Bridge, before coming to any sort of road work.

The BIOS that Compaq puts in their computers are the absolute peak of poorly engineered computer chips. I spent a bit of time every day for the last week trying to get FreeBSD to boot off a new drive which was connected to the second IDE controller in my Compaq desktop. I tried and tried and tried, but just couldn’t get the OS to boot. Finally, after munging the BIOS manually and some hardware rearrangement, the OS will boot. It’s still not perfect (the part of the Compaq BIOS that allows the computer to see drives over 2GB is some piece of refugee Russian technology and tosses off an error every time I start up the computer, not to mention the fact that the computer won’t do a ‘soft’ reboot when coming out of a Unix-like OS) but at least it works now.

If CDW was the absolute last place in the world that sold computers, I’d take up flying full-time.

Updated the Flats page today, unfortunately.

Had my first cheeseburger today that used Gorgonzola cheese instead of good old fashioned, reliable, time-tested, proven, tasty cheddar.