A good friend of mine from college called me the other day to let me know that he’d gotten engaged to his girlfriend of 6+ years. So, we’ve got one friend’s wedding this June and two more scheduled for next summer. Guess I better start saving the vacation days now.

From a recent Associated Press article:

05:58 PM ET 02/29/00San Francisco Sets Rain Record SAN FRANCISCO (AP) _ San Francisco set a soggy record Tuesday,the 21st day in February that rain has fallen on the city. Of course, the record will go into the books with an asterisk, because this February had 29 days.

Basically, we had eight days that it didn’t rain during the month of February. So, when I remark about sunny days (of which today is one), that’s the reason. It’s sort of like living in Seattle, but without the looming presence of Starbucks and Micro$oft.

Albums rediscovered while dredging the CD array:

  • Monty Python: Python Sings
  • Various Artists: Just Say Anything