Wow, it’s been almost a week since I wrote anything in this space. Doesn’t seem that long, but I guess my perception of time slipped as my mind became preoccupied with other things.

Since purchasing my new cell phone, I spent some time looking for a good case in which I could carry the phone around. However, after looking many different places, I couldn’t find anything that was a reasonable size,and yet would still protect the phone. So, in the grand tradition of amateurs everywhere, I decided to build my own. The case I’ve been building, though sewing would be a better word, is probably going to be better than anything I could have gotten from a store, though it might be a touch uglier. It’s got a better locking mechanism, is waterproof, and is made of a tough outerfabric. If you discount the time I spent working on it, the materials actually didn’t cost much, because I was able to buy them as remnants from the fabric store.

We went to see The Whole Nine Yards over the long weekend. Probably the nicest thing I can say about the movie was that it was watchable.

Been spending some time mulling over job offers the last few days. Gonna be an interesting decision.

It’s weird, but since I’ve become unemployed, I’ve only gotten busier. Where did I find the time to do all this extraneous stuff when I was working? I’ve gotta go back to work just to relax.

We’ve been trying to learn some basic Italian in the evenings. We got a copy of Italian Explorer by Rosetta Stone Software. We’ve only used it in a limited fashion so far, but I’d recommend it (and its sister versions) to anyone trying to quickly pick up a language. Beyond being entertaining and effective, the software was cheap. We picked it up for something like eighteen dollars on

We got this box from yesterday afternoon. When we opened it up, we were expecting to see the Rosetta Stone software, a package of CDs and books for learning Italian, and another CD of Italian. What we got was the Rosetta Stone software, the single CD, and a toy meant for kids “18months and older.” Fortunately, we were of age for that particular toy. However, it seems doubtful that a toy that revolves around the unpredictable adventures of a blue dog is going to help us learn Italian any quicker. Such are the perils of e-commerce.

One thing that I’ve been working in my not quite so copious spare time is centralizing all my mail so that I could, in theory, have access to all my e-mail, both past and present, as well as my addressbook, from anywhere on the Internet. To accomplish this task meant moving away from POP3 mail systems and a static address book to an IMAP mail server, running in a central location, and an LDAP server for addresses. All of this wasn’t necessary easily, but wasn’t hard either. At best, I’d say it was poorly documented. However, it’s basically done now. So, from any computer on my home network, running any operating system, and from any computer, running any operating system with some basic tools (including some sort of ssh client), I can access all my e-mail and personal addresses from anywhere in the world,securely. Very cool and very much worth the effort.