Bought a new cell phone today. My old one had a non-functional display backlight, a battery which didn’t like to be recharged, and a mostly destroyed leather case. However, all of those were minor,easily remedied problems. The reason for the new phone was the old phone had taken to periodically shutting itself off at random times. Given that the whole idea of having a cell phone is that you can get and make calls nearly anywhere at nearly any time, having the phone shut-off was a major glitch. The new phone is a (never thought I’d be saying this)Sanyo. Preliminary results indicate that this phone is much better than my last phone, a Sony.

Emeryville has to be one of the geographically smallest cities in America. It can’t have more than twenty streets. However, I possess a near supernatural ability to get lost in that town. Almost within seconds of entering the city limits my sense of direction is completely turned around and doesn’t right itself until I enter either Oakland or Berkeley. It’s a very unfortunate super-power to have.