Another interesting question: What is the limiting factor on a tree’s potential for aging? People die because eventually their bodies wear out. Hearts fail. Lungs and brains get old. Trees don’t have those types of organs, however. Does the tree eventually have trouble moving food from the roots to leaves or vice versa? Do the leaves eventually fail to produce enough food to sustain the trunk? Spent today talking to various potential employers and recruiters. Job searching is still an ugly mess.

Met a colleague in San Francisco tonight for a drink. Haven’t seen him in forever. Dare I say since October or September??

If there is one thing that San Francisco could use, it’s a killing frost. The bugs just don’t die here. At least in places that actually have winter you could count on a lack of ants, gnats, flies, etc.for several months a year. The ants here in California are particularly persistent. So far, they’ve only tried to invade our house five different times and ways since we moved in here last May. If nothing else, we’re getting better at killing them.