We went hiking today in the Oakland hills at Sibley Park. There’s an old volcano up there that was split asunder and turned on its side by the forces of several fault lines millions of years ago. Now, it’s a really green place (California is only green from December to May) and very popular for day hikes.

Interesting question for the day: What separates a clearly world-class city like San Francisco or New York from nearly world-class cities like Boston and Chicago? What separates a city like Boston from Minneapolis,Pittsburgh, Dallas, New Orleans, Cleveland, St. Louis, Miami and Denver?

Has anyone else noticed that Mary Jane, in “The Amazing Spider Man” comic strip, wears more lingerie than any other character on the comics page? Nearly every Sunday, Peter Parker dresses as Spider Man to go forth and battle evil while Mary Jane lies around the house in something nearly scandalous for a comics page. My impression is that lingerie is none too comfortable, so I doubt Mary Jane views lingerie as serious loungewear. Why the nearly constant state of being scantily clad? Perhaps only Stan Lee, the comics creator, can answer that question.