Here’s an interesting tidbit from the front: there is shortage of black toner for Canon color laser copies in the San Francisco Bay Area. My impression has always been that there couldn’t possibly be a shortage of something like toner, paper, or pens simply because so many people needed them. Shows what I know.

It’s been raining here for something like a week and a half. Small lakes are forming on what were roads in a previous life. Yesterday morning on my ride to the ferry in Alameda, I saw a “Detour” sign on the route which I usually follow. Traffic control officers were directing vehicle traffic onto the old Navy base to get to the ferry terminal. “Bah, I’m on a bike. That sign doesn’t apply tome,” I thought as I barreled ahead. Well, as it turns out, that sign very much applied to me. I ended up biking through water about 18inches deep. This, in and of itself, wasn’t really a problem. Bicycles aren’t that intimidated by a body of water under thirty inches deep. However, when the water topped my left and right boots and flowed into them, it became a bit more problematic.