We went to see the movie “Magnolia” today. It’s a pretty good movie and certainly does not use any sort of typical plot. The movie itself is right around three hours and fifteen minutes long, which in and of itself is fine. However, when the movie lets out, there is an immediate rush to the restrooms by the patrons. I’m sure that men’s room scenes like the one below are common after the movie:

Patron 1 (cozying up to urinal): sigh

Patron 2: “Magnolia?”

Patron 1: “Yup.”

This morning I tried to take my second solo cross-country flight from Oakland to Monterey to Hollister and back to Oakland. Unfortunately, the flight never happened. Oakland kept going in and out of IFR conditions, which basically meant that I never left the ground. Oh well, we’ll try again in February.

We decided to go on vacation to someplace reasonably far away in March. Basically, we haven’t really had a good vacation in a few years so we decided to go away this year. The initial choice was Australia, but that was deemed too far and too expensive. The next choice was England, which got caught up in a competition with Ireland. Along the way, Spain and Italy got tossed into the mix, as well. So, we found ourselves in the book store tonight looking at travel guides for the various countries, which wasn’t helping the decision making process at all. Finally, we narrowed the competition down to England and Italy via some sort of collusion on our part. Finally, we decided on Italy. Neither of us speaks the language and we haven’t been there before, but we both like the food and have numerous friends who speak highly of the country. So we came home, booked some tickets on British Airways, and off we go. It should be fun.