We watched the lunar eclipse last night. It’s the first eclipse I can remember seeing. The funny part was that we watched part of it from a bench outside the laundromat where we were doing our laundry. We both had the thought it was reasonably funny that we were seeing our first lunar eclipse from that particular location.

I’ve been listening to Ani DiFranco’s “To the Teeth” almost non-stop overthe past few days. Other than my disagreement with the political message of the first track, it’s a pretty incredible album. Easily the best one of her albums that I own.

We’re off to see the mighty Golden State Warriors play the slightly mightier Cleveland Cavaliers tonight. The tickets were free, or we definitely would not be going to watch such a stinker of a game.

If the weather holds, I’m flying solo from Oakland to Monterey to Hollister and back to Oakland tomorrow. Total distance should be right around two hundred miles. Should be a good deal of fun.