The Vikings lost today to the St. Louis Rams. It would be hard to point the finger of blame at any one person or part of the team. The team didn’t play with much intensity, or perhaps more accurately, the team didn’t play with half the intensity of St. Louis.

Amusing anecdote from our Miniature Golf Department: Sarah and I were playing mini-golf yesterday, and we were tied after four holes. We decided to make the game a bit more interesting with a little wager:

  • If Sarah won, I’d have to play a relatively ridiculous looking video game called “Dance, Dance, Revolution” which is basically a really large version of the 80’s electronic game, “Simon.”
  • If I won, she’d owe me a candy bar. Guess which one of us was hungry at the time

It was head-to-head for the rest of the match with each of us pulling ahead of the other by several strokes, falling behind later, and finally pulling back into a tie. On 16, however, I fell behind by three strokes. Seventeen and eighteen were ties. The 19th hole was one of the typical “Get a Hole-in-One and Win a Free Game” holes, nearly impossibly by design. Sarah, having already won the bet, offered me double or nothing on the 19th hole. I had nothing to lose at that point, so I accepted the bet, stepped up to the tee…and buried the ball in the hole. Ahh, what sweet redemption!