Saw the movie “Election” last night. A good movie, but definitely not what I expected. Who would have thought that MTV would release a picture like that one?!? One warning: This film is probably not a good choice for the easily offended. However, among other things the movie does ask an interesting question: What is the difference between morals and ethics?

We’ve been eating at a pub in Oakland called the Pacific Coast Brewery fairly often of late. It has to be the only place in America, however, that takes twenty-five minutes to make nachos and ten to make pizza.

We’re off to San Jose today to meet some of Sarah’s friends who live near there. Interesting San Francisco Bay Area Trivia Tidbit: San Jose actually has a larger population than San Francisco.

Computers, in and of themselves, are incapable of generating true random numbers without a truly random “seed” value. The seed value is fed into an algorithm designed to further enhance the random nature of the seed itself. SGI (nee Silicon Graphics,the company who makes many of the workstations on which many movie special effects are created) came up with an interesting solution involving, of all things, lava lamps. Lavarand, SGI’s solution, was recently pointed out to me by a friend.