A friend pointed out the Virtual Network Computing package to me today. A very cool thing. Control almost any computer (Almost any flavor of Unix, Windows 95/98/NT, Mac, etc.) from almost any other computer.

San Franciscans are often confounding people. They vehemently hate chain stores. A major topic of discussion is often the loss of “neighborhood stores” to nationwide chain stores. The really odd thing, however, is how San Franciscans line up to purchase their food, coffee, juice, and clothes from chain stores. For instance, in the location where I generally buy my lunch, there is a Safeway, Gap, Old Navy, Blockbuster Video, and Radio Shack, which are all major chain stores. The other stores in the mall are all local chain stores. For instance, one of the local chains, Jamba Juice, regularly has lines out the door even though it replaced a smaller Mexican food eatery just a few months ago. Apparently, holding a grudge against chain stores only lasts until that first consumption of chilled juice.