No Y2K disasters. At least the hype about the so-called millennium and the dreaded Y2K bug can end now. There were no riots. Nobody died from any Y2k-related mishaps. Let us go on with our lives.

Went to see the movie "Galaxy Quest" the other day. Very funny and original. If you’ve even seen just a couple of episodes of "Star Trek" you should find this movie amusing.

So the Vikings did not manage to win the division or secure a first-round bye. So be it. At least they are in the playoffs, which can’t be said for some other teams (Broncos, Falcons, Patriots, etc.

One thing I never thought I would drink was carrot juice. Always seemed sort of fruity (forgive the pun) to me. However, a former housemate assured me that it was tasty and when he made some, gave me some to sample. It was surprisingly good. So, when I say that we made juice today using carrots, apples, and oranges, and before you make any knee-jerk decisions about the wisdom of using carrots for juice, I urge you to try fresh, homemade carrot juice.