Watched the movie "Dark City" last night. Not a bad movie, but the end was quite contrived and really diminished the rest of the movie.

There seems to be two classes of aliens as they are portrayed in most popular forms of media. That is, there are aliens that are hostile towards humanity specifically (and often towards life in general) and there are aliens who are good, get along with humans, and in fact, strive to be like humans. Aren’t there any aliens in the galaxy who are indifferent to humans? Maybe there are aliens somewhere out there that couldn’t care less about humans one way or another and would rather just sit back, drink alien beer, and watch the alien football. It certainly seems plausible that alien civilization, if it exists, would not be quite as easily categorized or homogeneous as is often depicted in movies and television in order to move plots along. It seems likely to me that alien civilization would have a certain segment of its population that couldn’t care less about total galactic domination or helping out human civilization. Here endth the speculative science fiction rant of the day.

Air quality here in the Bay Area has been relatively awful the last couple of days and today just looks like it’s going to get worse. At some level, that fact is rather ironic as there is a good segment of the population that is not commuting to work this week and thus, the amount of traffic on the road is less.