People do funny things when they are driving. Perhaps one of the oddest things people do is use the Ostrich technique. The theory here is that if you don’t look at the car you are endangering, it can’t or won’t hit you.

This technique is most often employed by a driver crossing the path of another car without leaving a safe distance between the cars. For instance, a Car A pulls up to a stop sign on a street which runs perpendicular to a through street on which Car B is traveling. Car A, being driven by someone entirely too important to be bothered with mundane things like stop signs, looks right and left and then proceeds across the intersection. However, while driving through the intersection, Car A’s driver stares at the speedometer, looking neither right or left, as though a platypus has suddenly materialized within the instrument panel. Car A’s driver does this as if they firmly believe that staring at the speedometer will invoke some form of Protection from Automobile Accidents spell.

Car B, meanwhile, is forced to slow down or alter its path to avoid hitting Car A as Car A moves through the intersection, even though Car B has the right of way. Car B does so because it’s easier and safer to slow down than to deal with all the headaches of an accident. Car B, does however, give the horn a little tap, to let Car A know that we have several expletives at the ready to describe the ancestry of Car A’s driver, should Car A’s driver be so inclined to discuss such a thing.

Did the world really need a techno remix of "Rock the Casbah"? That is, who, exactly, felt the world was lacking without such a beast and felt the need to create such a beast?