Made juice the other night with pomegranates, apples, oranges, and carrots. It was very good.

Ahh, it’s good to be home. Traveling is fun at many levels, but at other levels, it is quite tiring. The bed you sleep in is never quite the same as the one you have at home; you’re never sure if the makeshift alarm system will wake you up in time for your appointment/flight/breakfast/etc.; the city you are visiting is probably not very familiar so driving around it takes more energy and concentration than usual; you can’t just visit your kitchen for dinner, so every meal means making a decision about where, when, and what to eat. So, traveling is fun, but it’s also fun to come home again.

The Vikings won today. They are still quite alive in the playoff hunt.

Went to the Farmers’ Market in Jack London Sq. today. I think there were seven booths, total. Normally there is upwards of twenty to thirty. Since I wasn’t interested in buying fruit from the Evil Fruit Guy, nor was I interested in buying lettuce from a pair of people having it out with salad tongs, I came home without buying anything.

Watching NFL Sunday Ticket is definitely a dangerous pastime. Today, I was able to watch the Vikings game, and during the commercials, flip to the New England-Buffalo match. If that was at commercial, I flipped over to the St. Louis-Chicago game. Once the Vikings game was decided, I surfed over to watch the end of the Pittsburgh-Carolina game. Once that one had been decided, another surfing session brought me to the Cleveland-Indianapolis game. Just think I was really a football junky…

I might have watched one of the late games, and the Sunday night game. Wow, that would a really large amount of T.V.

The commercial that the NFL (in conjunction with ESPN?) is running right now which uses Ani DiFranco’s "32 Flavors" as background music accompany video of various players who have worn the number 32 is very cool. Very subtle and understated. It’s quite different than most football marketing which tends to be all noise and flashing lights, like the advertisers are trying to bludgeon you into buying their products.