Last update in this space for a few days. I’m going to Minnesota for a few days this afternoon. Interesting situation this morning: I hear something hit the front door, and then the doorbell rings. I open up the door and see the postman walking away from our house. Nearly simultaneously our upstairs neighbor opens his door, as he’s off to the gym. The postal worker turns around, points at the package in my hand, and says, "Right address?" I look at the address on the package, and it is, in fact, the right address. The postman then goes on to explain that any incorrect deliveries of mail that we’ve been getting are not his fault, but rather are the fault of people who sort the mail. This reminds me that we got a card delivered to us yesterday for someone who used to live in the upstairs apartment (which would mean that it was delivered to the wrong address and also hadn’t been forwarded per forwarding orders on file). So, I asked the postman to wait a second while he’s still in the middle of blaming someone else for his mistakes, dart inside, get the card, hand it to him, and say, "I’m not sure this is ours." He takes one look at the address, and stalks off to his waiting postal service van. Poor guy, and he was trying so hard to divert blame, too. Anyway, I firmly believe that regardless of who or what is sorting the mail, it’s the postman’s job to deliver the mail correctly. For instance, regardless of what air traffic control instructs a pilot to do, it’s the pilot in command’s job to safely fly the plane. If ATC tells a pilot to land on the interstate, it’s the pilot’s job to not do that if there isn’t a very good reason to do so. Same thing with mail delivery, if the mail is sorted incorrectly, it’s the postman’s job to not deliver it the same way it’s sorted.

Banks suck. I went into mine yesterday to buy two savings bonds, open two CDs, and withdraw some money from my account. Total time spent in branch: forty-five minutes. For some reason, I don’t remember it taking that long when I worked at a bank. I think banks have chosen to basically say, "We have your money. If you want some of it back, you’ll have to wait until we’re ready to give it to you. And if you don’t like that, what’re you gonna do about it? Keep your money under your mattress?"At least I got all my shopping done this year early enough so that I am only bringing two gifts with me to Minnesota. The goal was to bring only one, but two is still better than twelve, I guess.