It’s been a relatively quiet weekend here. I felt sick yesterday and part of today, so that sort of limited my activity.

We went to a Christmas concert here in Alameda on Saturday night. It was held in the auditorium at the old high school. What a cool place that was. Two thousand seats, balcony, visually interesting decorations, house lights clearly from a different era, etc., etc. It was worth going just to admire the building. The concert was merely okay.

After the concert we went to a late-night Mexican restaurant in Oakland (not the good part). Interesting experience, to say the least.

Today was amazingly nice. It’s after 9 PM PST and the temperature is sixty-four degrees.

Probably gonna have to cut out of work early tomorrow. The Vikes are on the tube, playing the Packers. Monday Night Football games start around 6 PM PST, which is a real change after having them start around 9 PM when I lived on the East Coast.

Sarah’s friend from Santa Clara and her boyfriend came up to visit today. The boyfriend and I were parked (my word, not hers) in front of the tube and instructed to watch football while they went Christmas shopping in Berkeley. What a tough life we lead…