We got our Christmas tree up yesterday. It is a six foot tall Douglas Fir that we got at a local nursery. It’s sitting in our living room, in front of the the bay window-esque windows in that room. We bought a few ornaments to hang on it, as well as some more lights. In years past, we just had a little table-top artificial tree, which was fine because we never had much space for a real tree. Sarah made a variety of ornaments for our tree. Between the homemade ornaments, the store bought ornaments, and some that we possessed, it looks really nice. If I had a digital camera, I’d take a couple of snapshots and put them up in this space.

The absolute coolest thing about our Christmas lights is that they are all on remote control. We can just throw one switch from anywhere in the house and all the lights we have deployed switch on or switch off. It’s really cool.

Went flying this morning from Oakland up to Napa and back with my flight instructor. We practiced some in-flight emergencies, including engine failures, which was good. My instructor and I hadn’t covered those procedures in a while.

Vikings game tonight.

The Post Office finally took the package off our porch. Our upstairs neighbor was home during the day and was able to tell the postal worker to take the package.