What a joke the Post Office’s Customer Service is. Any sort of complaint about your mail service takes several days to filter down to the local Post Office (maybe they send the complaint via snail mail instead of e-mail or phone?). The package that was delivered to our house several days ago is still there! The nice gentleman at the Post Office’s nationwide call center today explained that I could take it down to the Post Office, if I wanted. I explained that I wasn’t about to spend thirty minutes of my weekend returning a package that was delivered to me through no fault of my own. I then explained that if Christmas grew much closer I was going to take the package over to the proper delivery address, meet the people whose mail I get just about every day, and explain the situation to them (how I got the package, how many other pieces of their mail I get and how often, how the Postal Service hasn’t really been very responsive in addressing this situation, etc.). This seemed to get his attention, and he explained that if the package was still there tonight when I got home, that I could call tomorrow morning and I would be transferred to a "delivery supervisor" who would see to it that the package was picked-up. Why couldn’t they just contact this person to begin with? For an agency that is trying to portray itself as a viable alternative to FedEx, the Postal Service could certainly use a couple of lessons in prompt and accurate delivery. Even UPS, with their general level of disdain for the customer’s packages, manages to get the job done better than the USPS.