Tampa Bay last night. There is little question that Leroy Hoard should accept most of the blame for last night’s loss. Not all of the blame, but a good portion of it. His phantom blocks, tendency to fumble, and other typical plays certainly didn’t help matters any.

I got tired just thinking about how things are piling up at work today.

Something that ABC and FOX understand which CBS doesn’t: Most people watching football are not interested in watching Sunday Night Crying Movies. CBS endlessly plugs its Sunday Night Crying Movies during their NFL telecasts as though millions of men who are sitting around drinking, often in bars, might care. ABC and FOX try to sell us sitcoms, "reality TV," and action shows. I don’t watch any more of those than I do Sunday Night Crying Movies, but at least there is a slight possibility that I might watch them.

Started writing my Christmas cards today. Keep your eye on your mailbox as you may already be a winner. grin