It’s been a quiet weekend. No Vikings football today as they play Tampa Bay tomorrow night.

We went into San Francisco yesterday to see what goes on there during the Christmas shopping season. What a zoo! Macys, Nordstroms, Neiman Marcus, Saks, etc., etc. were all packed with people. We went mainly to see the different window displays that were written up by a local paper, but the businesses were doing a brisk business.

I don’t understand how people can live in SF, shop at Macys, the Gap (Evil), and other overpriced stores and still afford to eat. It’s something of a mystery to me. For the record, Macy’s supposedly redesigned store on Union Sq. is really no prettier than the relatively anonymous buildings that surround it.

Tonight we’re going to the Christmas party for Sarah’s company. Maybe the 49ers could suck a bit more…

Nope, I don’t think they could.

There was an excellent piece in the Boston Globe on Sunday which describes the experience of moving from MA to CA quite well.