On the ferry ride to San Francisco this morning, I saw a whale a couple of times. Apparently, whales can be seen in the Bay this time of year. Hopefully, I can see one tomorrow. It’s rather ironic that people pay thirty dollars or more to go whale watching out in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, and I saw a whale this morning for a grand total of three dollars.

If you’re not watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer on the WB network, I don’t even want to know what you’re doing with your time.

Spent some today rewriting some of my scripts. I recently migrated off a Mac IIci running NetBSD to a home-built PC running FreeBSD. In the process of porting my scripts from one platform to the next, I discovered all sorts of interesting little quirks. For instance, it appears that lynx 2.8.1rel2 refuses to function when launched from a crontab initiated job. User initiated jobs work just fine, but launching the same exact set of instructions via the crontab fails every time. This appears to be a reasonably well known bug, but I wasn’t able to find any information on how to fix it (other than upgrading). So I rewrote all my scripts to use the fetch command in conjunction with lynx. At the same time, I built in actual error checking and opt-out points if errors were encountered. Overall, a vast improvement on the old scripts.