Went to "The World Is Not Enough" last night. A so-so movie; better than "Tomorrow Never Dies," but not as good as "Goldeneye." Bond movies seem to have strayed from the idea that action should support a plot, and that plot is not a hindrance to action.

There seems to be a fundamental problem with super-villainy these days. Super villains seem to have forgotten how effective meat and potatoes villainy can be. For instance, there are certainly more unsolved bank robberies in the world than unsolved world conquest attempts. World conquest is just so much more complicated. Also, super villains need to remember how many people are killed by guns every year and compare that with the number of people killed every year by exotic, ancient, or futuristic torture devices. For instance, when super villains try to kill any one of the four James Bonds, they inevitably try to kill him by either cutting him from end-to-end with a laser or breaking his neck with a remarkably well-preserved ancient Turkish torture chair. If super villains would just dispatch their nemesis when the opportunity presented itself without all the pomp and circumstance, the World Conquest Success Index would surely rise as a result.

From our Believe it or Not Department: We haven’t gotten anyone else’s mail for two consecutive delivery days.

Also saw "Dogma" over the weekend. Good movie and certainly an original concept. Sarah liked it better than I did, however.

Got a new seat for my bike over the weekend, along with a new helmet and some clear sunglasses (for riding at night). Today’s ride was so much more comfortable as a result. Rain was forecast for today, as well, but I managed to escape it both ways. Woo Hoo! Tomorrow, is supposed to be rainy as well, though. It doesn’t rain here in the Bay Area from May to October so this is our green season. Everything gets brown right around the middle of June, and is just now starting to become green again.