Been working my butt off at work the last couple of days. Between mail and connectivity problems to an outlying office, it’s been fun.

Today I made my reservations for travel to Minnesota over Christmas, but I definitely waited too long. I could have purchased a small, resource poor, Third World country for the price of one round-trip ticket from Oakland to Minneapolis. On-line travel reservations systems that suck:

  • AAA
  • American Express
  • Microsoft Expedia

On-line reservation systems that are trying hard to suck:

  • Travelocity

On Monday, I complained to the US Postal Service because we were getting other people’s mail. (It was rather ironic because I tried every phone number for the USPS in the local phone book and all of them were disconnected. Apparently, the USPS only interfaces with their clients through the mail.) By using the USPS web site, I was able to find a number at which a nice lady took my complaint and told me that I might get a call from the local post office. Tuesday, someone from the local post office (I presume) called me up and when I explained what was happening, told me that getting other people’s mail was not a delivery problem. I explained that while I might be getting other people’s mail, there was potential that the people whose mail I was receiving were getting my mail. This USPS rep. explained that potential delivery problems were not actual delivery problems. I explained how we were getting to know our neighbors better because we kept getting their mail. For instance, the guy who lives in a house with the same house number as ours but one street over has the same grill I do (I found that out when I got his copy of a mailer that Weber sent me as well). I know what bank another neighbor uses; a third neighbor discovered we went to the same college when they got my alumni mailer. I went on to explain that we keep a brick on our front porch to keep the misdelivered mail we put out there from blowing away. In true USPS spirit, the rep. on the phone explained that the only reason a person should have to keep a brick on their porch was to throw it at people. He did eventually agree that perhaps there was an actual delivery problem. We’ll see what happens. We didn’t actually get anyone else’s mail yesterday, though.

Company whose product manuals were most likely to have been written by ex-IRS employees:

  • Shiva