It’s fun to go away, but sometimes it’s just as nice to be back.

It’s been cold enough here in CA that we’ve actually had to use the heat the last couple of nights..

Today we saw the shoddiest American and California State Flags that we had seen in a while.. They were covered in bird dung and hanging on a flag pole which was located, ironically enough, twenty feet from the entrance of a store that sold flags.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is very neat and is much nicer than the New England Aquarium.

Our mailman needs help sorting the mail.. Nearly every single day we get a piece of mail for a house with the same number on a different street, or a house with a different number on the same street as ours.. While looking through our mail today (which was delivered on Saturday), the tally was:

  • One for Same Number, Different Street
  • One for Different Number, Same Street

I’ll try to keep a running tally this week and see how he does.

Monterey and Carmel are, in many respects, just like other resort towns in other places (Cape Cod, in particular).

The bed and breakfast at which we stayed served us the nastiest eggs we’d ever had.. I’m a picky eater by nature, but when Sarah won’t eat something, that’s the surest sign the dish needs professional attention by a mortician.. The dish in question was poached eggs lying on toasted English muffin halves, smothered in some sort of creamy, Avocado based sauce.. Very nasty.

Does a bed and breakfast that only serves a continental breakfast deserve to call itself a bed and breakfast?