Commuting sucks.. It takes me an hour to get to work via bike and ferry. . It took me an hour and one-half via automobile this morning.

The reason I drove was because I screwed-up the derailleurs on my bike when I was fixing my flat last night.. By the time I fixed the problem with the derailleurs this morning, I didn’t have enough time to get to the ferry.

Started playing with PC-Pine today at work.. Neat little program.. All the functionality of Pine for Unix, but it runs on my laptop.. By running multiple instances I can get it to be multiple-account friendly.

I got e-mail today from several old friends.. Some in Minneapolis and one in Boston.. It’s always good to hear from people across the miles.

Gotta love Unix.. Wrote a script that will keep my web site synchronized on three different machines. That script will let me edit the site from almost anywhere and have those changes be reflected in multiple locations relatively easily.

It appears the rainy season has started here in CA…