Ugh.. Another flat tire today after Tuesday’s fiasco.

Finally decided some items that I wanted to put on the web site.. A daily bit about what’s going on is what you happen to be looking at right now.

We were planning on going away this weekend.. A rumor we’d heard was that airlines often offer deep discounts to travelers on the day or two before a flight because the airlines would rather sell seats, even at cost, than fly with an empty airplane.. The idea was to call up a travel agent, who would obviously know about such things, and go somewhere this weekend, cheaply.. Of course, the rumor turned out to be patently false.. About the cheapest fare we found was to Seattle/Tacoma. The Thanksgiving blackout periods that most airlines seem to have didn’t help matters any, either.. So, it looks we’re taking off for Monterey or Carmel.

My shoulder is still hurting.. Got to improve my posture all day, and not just periodically during the day.

Today was a less frustrating day at work.. Someone from my former company was interviewing in a room near my cube.. It was interesting to hear about what’s going on over there from a different perspective than what I hear from the IT and Telecom folks.